Workspace ONE-ify your AirWatch Console

With Workspace ONE, VMware AirWatch has created one of the most unique user experiences with its 'Registered' MAM mode and its 'Managed' MDM mode.  Being able to uniquely pick which level of enablement for the unified catalog experience, internal apps through AirWatch, and even single sign-on is a user first mentality. 

However where all of the focus has been on the user side some admin side stuff has taken a back seat. One piece of feedback I have received in the field is around filters, ownership, assignment groups, and more labeling of Workspace ONE. Depending on where you go you might find a gap where it should say Workspace ONE but it doesn't.. yet.  I have provided that feedback to our R&D organization and one Product Manager mentioned a stop gap. While admin side changes are planned, created, and released the obsessive compulsive Admins can make changes to the AirWatch console to make it feel more Workspace ONE-ify. 

I've identified 4 places that Admins will see where we could improve how Workspace ONE devices are identified... and provide instructions for the stop gap. 


Undefined to Workspace ONE. Note if your existing environment contains undefined devices you may want to clean those up prior to the change. 


Unassigned to Workspace ONE


Unknown to Workspace ONE


Container. I recommend leaving this one as is.  Since we already changed the Ownership type that is the easiest way to filter in device list view. Additionally since we changed unknown for SmartGroups if we also changed Container it would say Workspace ONE twice causing confusion. 

I do want to make it clear that Container *is* the correct Management type to filter for Workspace ONE devices. 

Note if you still use the AirWatch Container today that will be confusing.

How to:

  1. Log into your AirWatch Console
  2. Click Groups & Settings
  3. Slick All Settings
  4. Under the heading System choose Localization
  5. Select Localization Editor
  6. On the top right search for the phrase you wish to change. For example for 'Unknown' type Unknown in the search and hit enter on your keyboard.
  7. There will be multiple entries. Be sure to select the one which just says 'Unknown' and select the plus sign.
  8. A pop up will appear which allows enter for Custom Text. Enter 'Workspace ONE' in your language of choice and select Save.
  9. A new line will be created above 'Unknown' with your Organization Group and the singular value will be 'Workspace ONE.'

Note:  I have not gone through every page of the Console to see where the 'Unknown', 'Undefined', and 'Unassigned' labels are used. There may be pages where it does not make sense. Be sure to test this thoroughly before changing production for all AirWatch Admins.


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