Introducing the Workspace ONE UEM Profile Migration Utility

Happy to release my latest VMware Fling.  The Workspace ONE UEM Profile Migration Utility, wow what a mouth full.  Well the tool was made to make anyone's life who has ever tried to migrate Profiles from one Workspace ONE UEM Console to another.  Whether you are migrating from OnPrem to SaaS, or promoting configuration from UAT to Prod  the tool can save valuable time and more importantly ensure your work is copied exactly as intended. 

The tool is posted on the VMware Fling's site here: 

It includes some step by step directions.  I will write a quick tldr:
  1. Test Connection for the source and destination environment.
  2. Get the Profiles from Source environment.
  3. Select the Profile to migrate.
  4. Optionally change the name of the Profile for the destination environment.
  5. Select the Organization Group to create the Profile in the destination environment.
    1. There is an advanced config option to use the OG ID number (not the Group ID). This is useful if your environment has more than 500 OGs.
  6. Review settings of Profile.
  7. Create Profile in destination environment!

Useful Tips & Tricks using the tool:

More to come in the future.  I am excited to work on expanding this tool to include Assignment Groups, Organization Structure, User Groups, and Applications. Anything to make our lives easier.


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